Date Published: 2019-10-08
Date Closing: 2019-10-16 09:30:00
Category: Grocery Items
Budget: 35,565.00
Procuring Entity: Bago City Elementary School
Area of Delivery: Negros Occidental
Classification: Goods
Procurement Mode: Negotiated Procurement - Small Value Procurement (Sec. 53.9)

This Opportunity has Expired

Project Description:


1.Quotation Validity Period
1.1 The quantity of goods ordered may be changed by 10%.
2. Submission of Quotation
2.1 Quotations must be submitted as stated in the RFQ:by hand (in sealed envelopes marked in the lower left hand corner of the envelope ?SEALED QUOTATION FOR (Name and Number of RFQ) to the contact person stated in the RFQ; or in the same manner, deposited in the Tender Box at the location stated in the RFQ; or by fax at the confidential number for All sections of and RFQ shall be filled; where section is not applicable, The letters N/A shall mean NOT Applicable and the letters N/Q shall mean NO Quote.
3. Selection and Decision
3.1 Selection shall be based on the lowest price offered, subject to technical conformity, availability and timely delivery.
3.2 The selection shall be made by item or package/lot as appropriate.
4. Prices
4.1 Prices quoted shall be firm and fixed in the Philippines Peso.
5. Rights of the public
5.1 The Purchaser have the right to (a) ask for clarifications at the time of evaluating quotations, (b) split the contract on item basis (c) reject all quotations. The Purchaser shall not be bound to accept the lowest or any quotation.
6. Delivery Period:
6.1 The goods must be delivered within 15 days after the posting.

Conditions of Contract
1. Warranty
1.1 The Supplier warrants that the goods shall conform to the standards, specifications and related services as defined by the Purchaser in its RFQ subject to any alternative proposal made by the Supplier in its response to the Purchaser?s RFQ.
1.2 The Supplier undertakes to make good, at its own cost and promptly, any deficiency in the supply of goods items and related services.
1.3 The Supplier warrants that the goods item to be supplied are new and unused and that it shall attend promptly to any defect in the good items as per the warranty conditioned in its offer.
2. Inspection
2.1 The Purchaser shall have the reasonable time after delivery of the goods to inspect them and to reject and refuse acceptance of goods not conforming to this Purchase Order; payment for goods pursuant to this Purchase Order shall not be deemed an acceptance of goods.
3. Payment
3.1 The Purchaser undertakes to effect payment within 30 days after supply of the goods items to the satisfaction of the Purchaser and subject to the Supplier submitting all required documents. Final payment shall be adjusted to reflect any non-compliance.