2019-08 Concreting of Bubonga Ilian Road

Date Published: 2019-10-07
Date Closing: 2019-10-25 09:00:00
Category: Construction Materials and Supplies
Budget: 1,380,500.00
Procuring Entity: Municipality Of Piagapo, Lanao Del Sur
Area of Delivery: Lanao Del Sur
Classification: Goods
Procurement Mode: Public Bidding

This Opportunity has Expired

Project Description:

Republic of the Philippines
Province of Lanao del Sur


Republic of the Philippines
Municipality of Piagapo


The municipality of Piagapo through the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) invites accredited suppliers for the items stated below:

1. Project Reference No. : ****- Concreting of Brgy. Bubonga Ilian Road with PHP1,380,500 as its ABC.

Location: Piagapo, Lanao del Sur
Cost of Bidding Documents: Php1,000.00
Source of Fund : 20% Development Fund

Procurement will be conducted through open competitive bidding procedures in accordance with RA 9184 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations.

To bid for the contract, a bidder must meet the following:

1. Filipino citizen, sole proprietorship/organizations with at least sixty percent (60%) of the interest or oustanding capital stock belongs to the citizens of the Philippines;

2. Completed similar contract whose value must be at least 50% of the ABC within a period of 5 years;

3. Net Financial Contracting Capacity (NFCC) at least equal to ABC, or credit line commitment for at least 10% of ABC

The BAC will use non-discretionary pass/fail criteria in the eligibility check and preliminary examination of bids.

The significant times and deadlines of procurement activities are shown below:

1. Submission of Letter of Intent and Eligibility Requirements: October 7, 2019 to October 25, 2019
2. Issuance/Payment of Bid Documents: : October 7, 2019 to October 25, 2019
(8-10 AM)
3. Pre-Bid Conference : October 14, 2019
5. Opening of Bids : October 25, ****:00) AM

Bid documents will be available to bidders upon payment of non-refundable amount as stated above to the authorized BAC Officer. Bids must be accompanied by a bid security, in the approriate amount and acceptable form, as stated in Section 27.2 of the Revised IRR.

Prospective bidder shall submit their duly accomplished forms as specified in the BDS in two (2) separate bid envelopes to the BAC Chairperson. The 1st envelope shall contain the technical component of the bid, which shall include the eligibility requirements. The 2nd envelope shall contain the financial component. Contract will be awarded to the lowest calculated Responsive Bid as determined in the bid evaluation and the post-qualification.

Bids shall be delivered to the BAC Office. Electronic bidding shall not be permitted. Late bids will be rejected. Bids will be opened physically in the presence of the bidder?s representatives who choose to attend in person at the address below at 9: 00 AM, Ocotber 25, 2019.

The municipality of Piagapo reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bid and to annul the bidding process any time before contract award, without incurring any liability to the affected bidders.

(SGD) Khalid Kapampangan
Head, BAC Secretariat
BAC Office, Piagapo Municipal Hall
Piagapo, Lanao del Sur

BAC Chairperson