Educational Material (ICT)

Date Published: 2019-10-09
Date Closing: 2019-10-14 05:00:00
Category: Audio and Visual Equipment
Budget: 59,200.00
Procuring Entity: Impalutao Integrated School, Impalutao, Impasugong, Bukidnon
Area of Delivery: Bukidnon
Classification: Goods
Procurement Mode: Negotiated Procurement - Small Value Procurement (Sec. 53.9)

This Opportunity has Expired

Project Description:

Please quote your price(s) for the article(s) as specified in the list below for the Schools Division of Bukidnon which are available in your store/establishment/company. If available, please furnish catalogue, descriptive brochures of literature about the articles. If you are the manufacturer or exclusive dealer/distributor of these articles in Region X, please state in your quotation.
In case the items so specifically described is not available in your store/establishment/company, please feel free to offer such product/item which you have in stock which is equivalent of what is desired.
State how long your quotation will stand and the shortest time of delivery from receipt of purchase order. Failure or refusal to make the delivery on the part of the successful bidder will bind him to pay any loss equivalent to 1% of the total amount quoted in the canvass.